About the Trust

The Lapal Canal Trust (LCT) was formed in 1990 when a group of inland waterway enthusiasts realised the restoration potential for the Dudley No. 2 Lapal Canal. Their initiating and persistent vision was that the use of modern engineering methods and materials would make it entirely feasible to reclaim the missing link between Hawne Basin and Selly Oak, via the long-disused but hugely-intriguing Lapal Tunnel.
Restoration would bring with it a host of benefits for the local community living alongside the canal as well as being a new route for boaters.

In 1997, following the restoration by Dudley Council of a section of the canal running through Leasowes Park, the Lapal Canal Trust commissioned Engineering and Design Consultants, Atkins, to produce a feasibility study.

Atkins Study (2007) found that the cost of restoring the Lapal Tunnel were prohibitive and recommended an alternative route going ‘over the top’ through Woodgate Valley. Dreams of restoring the tunnel were put aside and the new plan was embraced.

And so, The Lapal Canal Trust is determined to restore the derelict half of the Dudley No. 2 Canal from Selly Oak to Hawne Basin, incorporating a new ‘over the top’ route, which would provide even greater amenity benefits for the local community.

Trust Objectives

  1. Persuade local authorities, government departments and other interested statutory or non-statutory bodies of the benefits and feasibility of restoration
  2. Persuade land-owners and the public of the benefits and feasibility of restoration
  3. Secure and protect the line of the Canal
  4. Create partnerships with public and private sectors that will facilitate restoration of the Canal
  5. Implement an agreed programme for the restoration of the Canal or any part of it

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Towpath repair

Dear Friends –

Behind the Scout hut in Selly Oak Park …

Following our 2 ‘scrub bashes’ in December and January, we’ve repaired the towpath between what we believe to be the newest and oldest bridges in Birmingham.  Unfortunately, our whacker did not whack properly on the day so we’re trying to obtain a small roller to compact the aggregate properly.

From the attached photo, you can now imagine more easily how a restored canal will look, with a very wide basin behind the Scout hut, people fishing, kayaking, etc.  It will enhance the Park and provide further ecosystems for a greater variety of wildlife, especially with ‘clever’ planting.  The repaired towpath will help keep the weeds down and provides a better surface for pedestrians.  We’re really looking forward to connecting through to Battery Park where it will provide a safer route to the new shops, avoiding crossing busy roads.

One of the reasons for our activity, is to help Harvest (the Sainsbury’s/Land Securities partnership) and the Council appreciate the importance of a canal through Battery Park and that LCT is serious about the ‘follow-on’ stage, even in this awful economic time.

Below is an artist’s impression of the narrow bit of the canal as it would run between the shops in Battery Park.  (The canal will widen once it has passed the shops.)

website http://www.sellyoak-regeneration.co.uk/

We thank everyone involved who helped make this happen, those who support LCT aims and especially those who contributed their labour.

Ivor (Chambers) – if you have their email addresses, please would you pass this picture on to Geoff, and also those who helped at the Dec/Jan work parties.

Kind regards,

Helen (Jones)

Editor, Lapal Link